Ultimate Multi Tool MTK v7.4 Download [Latest Version] 2022

Ultimate Multi Tool MTK is a dongle-based toolkit for Android devices to Flash Firmware, FRP Unlock, Repair IMEI and Reset Screen Lock.

Name Ultimate Multi Tool MTK
Publisher MTK
Genre FRP Bypass
Size 221 MB
Version v7.4
Required Android 5.0 and above
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update 2 days ago

Ultimate Multi Tool MTK is a window-based toolkit for android devices. It offers several services, including Flashing Firmware, Unlocking Screen Patterns, FRP Bypass, Resetting Screen Locks, Repairing IMEIs, and can be used to solve any Qualcomm, SPD, MTK, and other Android problems.

If your kid has blocked your cell phone by trying your screen lock pattern multiple times, then Ultimate multi-tool MTK is here for your rescue. This toolkit is now available for all Xiaomi and Oppo android devices with Qualcomm chipset. Let’s learn together about this toolkit in this article.

Ultimate Multi Tool

Features of Ultimate Multi Tool MTK

Here are a few features offered by Ultimate multi-tool MTK:

  • UMT is compatible with bypassing FRP of any android smartphone in no time.
  • By using UMT, you can flash Stock Firmware on Qualcomm SoC-powered Android phones.
  • UMT is easy and completely free to use.
  • While using UMT, there is no need to have any additional drivers because this toolkit has all the required drivers.
  • UMT requires a little knowledge about tech as it has an easy-to-use interface that is quite suitable for its users.

How to Download and install UMT?

  • Please download the UMT from the official website on your Windows computer.
  • Now please extract the zip file on your given command for its installation.
  • It will take a few minutes for installation.
  • When the process is complete on your PC, you are ready to go.

How to Use UMT?

You can use UMT for various purposes. I am going to write each one of them in detail below:


If you want to use the Flasher feature of UMT, then please follow the steps:

  • Firstly, open the UMT file on your PC.
  • After that, please select the Qualcomm QCN and Patch.xml files from the program menu.
  • Now Turn Off your smartphone.
  • Please press and hold your android phone’s Volume Up key and Volume Down key.
  • While pressing the volume keys, kindly connect your Cell phone with a PC using a physical USB cable.
  • Once you connect your cell phone to the PC, kindly allow the ‘Flash’ option to flash your device.
  • Please remember that some Phones might need Special Boot Cable or Test point for EDL mode for the flasher.

FRP Bypass

Bypass FRP requires the following steps:

  • Open the UMT app on your PC and go to the FRP option.
  • After that, turn Off your android device and press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  • Please connect your smartphone with a PC using a USB cable.
  • Kindly select Reset/Bypass FRP from the toolkit.
  • The process will be complete shortly.

MI Account Reset

If your Xiaomi Mi account is frozen, then kindly follow the steps below to unlock it:

  • Kindly open the UMT on your PC.
  • Please turn Off your Mi device.
  • Press and hold Volume Down and the Volume UP key for a few seconds, and then connect your device with your PC using a USB cable.
  • Now go to the UMT software and select ‘MI account Reset.’
  • It will take a few seconds for its completion.

Screen Lock Reset

Please follow the instructions below to Reset your Screen Lock:

  • Open the UMT on your PC.
  • Turn Off your smartphone. Tap Volume Up and Volume Down together until a wizard appears.
  • Now connect your cell phone with a PC using a USB cable.
  • Now tap on the FRP option, and from there, click on ‘Format FS.’
  • the process will be complete in a short time.

Repair IMEI

Please follow the instructions to repair the IMEI of your smartphone using UMT:

  • Open the UMT on your PC.
  • Turn Off your smartphone.
  • Keep pressing and holding Volume Up and Down keys until you see the Wizard setup.
  • Now connect your cell phone with a PC using the USB cable.
  • Now tap on the FRP tool option and input your device’s IMEI.
  • Tap on the ‘Repair’ to progress the process.


Ultimate Multi Tool MTK is the best toolkit you should use in 2022. It offers several features, as you can say it is a jack of all trades. In case of any issues with your Android phone, UMT has your back. Spread the word about this toolkit if you have found it helpful.