Remote Gsmedge APK Free Download [100% FRP BYPASS]

Remote Gsmedge APK is the best app to bypass FRP on all android devices. This app is easy to use and very safe for all android phones.

FRP is a factory reset protection on all android devices. Whenever you reset your android device it will ask for google account details for security measures.

But in case you don’t remember your Gmail or its password that you were using on the same device then you will be stuck at that point and your phone is almost locked.

Remote Gsmedge APK

Remote Gsmedge

To bypass this FRP you need to use a third-party application that’s called Remote Gsmedge APK. This application allows you to overwrites your old google account with a new Google account on your Android device. Remote Gsmedge makes the whole process very easy to unlock FRP.

This amazing app is working with most devices and tested with new android devices. By downloading this app you can easily Bypass FRP.

This app has a very simple UI and the latest security path in it, So no need to worry this is a safe application and tested by many developers.

Below is the safe and trusted direct download link for Remote Gsmedge APK.

Name Remote Gsmedge APK
Version 1.0
Size 28.49 MB
Developer Sajid Rza


Installation of Remote Gsmedge APK

  • Start your device.
  • Connect to a WiFi network.
  • Then click or tap on Home Button three times to activate talkback.
  • A new menu will pop up.
  • Tap on ‘Talkback Settings’.
  • Tap or click on the home button 3 times again.
  • Go to Help & Feedback.
  • Go to “Get Started with Voice Access”.
  • Then you will see a YouTube Video there so tap on the Play button.
  • Then tap or click on ‘Getting Started with a voice’ in that video.
  • It will take you to YouTube.
  • Tap on the User icon of YouTube.
  • Then click on terms and Privacy Policy.
  • Then tap on cancel and press on Bookmarks.
  • Go to the Download History option.
  • Now tap on ‘My Files’ it will let you open your SD card or you can also plug in a USB.
  • Then you have to install an application known as a ‘Quick Shortcut Maker’ on the same mobile.
  • Then open that App directly when installed.
  • Then click on the Settings option.
  • Go to the option of ‘Apps’.
  • Click on the Menu option or on the icon with three dots.
  • Now click on the ‘System Apps’ option.
  • Then Go to ‘Google Account Manager’ and disable it.
  • Back to the main settings option.
  • Click on Lock Screen and Security.
  • Then ‘Other Security Setting’.
  • Tap on ‘Device Administrators’.
  • Then you will see ‘Find my Device’.
  • Uncheck or disable ‘Find My Device’.
  • Go back to ‘Apps’.
  • Click on ‘Google Play Services’ by opening System Apps and disable it.
  • Back to the ‘Quick Shortcut Maker’.
  • Open ‘my files’ by searching in the box.
  • Now tap on the main File of (Remote Gsmedge Apk).
  • Now go back to the main Settings.
  • Then Cloud and Accounts.
  • Tap on accounts.
  • Then open the Add account option.
  • Click on Google.
  • Enter new account details or create one.
  • Now go back to the System Applications and enable those which you have disabled.
  • Now also enable or checkmark the option ‘Find My Device’.
  • Now close all the menus and go to the start point.
  • Tap on next or skip and wait for few seconds.
  • Now restart your phone. You are done.
Remember to uninstall this app after bypass google account protection unlocked from your Android devices. Sometimes Remote Gsmedge crashes after bypass FRP once your device is rebooted. So as soon you access your android homepage you can uninstall it.