PvZ 2 Mod APK v11.0.1 Download [Infinite Sun/No Cooldown]

PvZ 2 Mod APK is going to be your new addiction as you jump into the invaded world of zombies and strategically use your plants to eliminate zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a strategic tower-defense game, where a herd of zombies has invaded you and the only way to protect yourself is through growing plants. Being released in 2009, this game has bagged over 30 awards in a row and is still taking the internet by storm with its fascinating multiplayer game. So, take the front seat of your gaming world and install this revamped version of PvZ 2 to experience the best gameplay.

NamePlants vs Zombies 2
Size870 MB
What You Will GetUnlimited Coins/Gems/Suns
Updated on24-12-2024

Introducing PvZ 2 Mod APK

You deserve the best game with the best features, so why don’t you install the PvZ 2 Mod APK? Primarily, this is the modified version of the well-known zombie-fighting game Plants vs. Zombies. With the same story and working, this mod will show you how a few plants will protect you from menacing zombies.

Apart from the traditional concept of a hero, beating all the zombies and saving the world, this game takes plants as its primary characters. You will find yourself in a house that is being invaded by furious zombies. The problem is, neither you nor anyone else can tackle these zombies, except some plants. Therefore, simply sit in your house and grow plants around your house to eliminate zombies. To know what happens next in this revamped game, you must play it by yourself.

The game is played in a fixed manner, where your spot is not movable. You will be given a certain location and without moving from that spot, you will have to protect yourself from those zombies.

Features of Plants vs. Zombies 2 APK

Installing this game will never let you regret your decision due to these astonishing features:
The Best Option with 30 Awards

Research by Google claimed that 2.4 million searches are executed every 60 seconds and there are 50 billion results. Keeping such a giant figure into account, it is hard to choose the right option, especially in choosing games. However, in the case of PvZ 2 Mod APK, we have got your back with a claim that this has won over 30 awards, which makes it the best choice for everyone.

Zombies are no longer stupid

What’s the first thought that comes up in your mind when you hear the word ‘zombie?’ Of course, they are stupid creatures who cannot run fast with a good smelling sense of human blood. But this is not what the developers of this game thought while developing this game. Here the zombies can not only run but are quite intelligent to demolish your plants. Besides, there are 26 different kinds of zombies having 26 different sets of skills.

Wide Range of Defending Plants

A survey suggests that there are more or less 38,000 kinds of plants and every kind has different features. This is something that you will practically observe in PvZ 2 Mod APK. Here you may easily choose among 49 kinds of plants and each plant has different sets of skills and fighting prowess. Hence, you have higher chances of surviving in a zombie-packed zone, because all of these plants protect you greatly.

Different Locations, More Fun

Unlike the old days of fighting in the backyard of your house, now you will observe a lot of changes. These changes are in the form of locations or weather conditions. At times, you are supposed to defend yourself against zombies on the rooftops, and at other times, you may fight in the swimming pools. So is the case with the weather conditions, which are foggy as well as sunny from time to time.

A Community of 4 million Gamers

No matter how good a game is, if it has a smaller community, then you had better not expect any surprises. Because the game itself is not adequate to entertain you, the gaming community collectively does this job. Luckily, Plants vs. Zombies holds a majestic community of over 4 million subscribers, who are quite active 24/7.

Get Some Pets for Your Plants

Plants are like pets themselves and there is no need to keep a pet for your pets. Contrary to this, this game asks you to keep some pets for your plants, and the most common pet here is the “snail.” From the store, you can easily purchase one and let your plants play with their pet during the breaks from the attacks of zombies. Plus, these pets are neither useless nor stupid; rather they would enhance the prowess of your plants.

Features to explore PvZ 2 Mod APK

The common version might feel okay, yet some pitfalls will stop you from chasing victory in PvZ. So, you had better get any of the following excellent versions with some real-time perks:

PvZ 2 Cheats Infinite Sun No Cooldown APK – The only problem that we face in this plants-oriented game is the cooling down of our plants. Therefore, this version comprises some stupefying cheats to keep your plants under the sunlight forever.

Mod Open All Plants – Over 90 percent of the gameplay will be consumed in unlocking newer plants and consequently, you may be unable to enjoy it. To ease this, PvZ 2 Mod APK comes up with an already unfastened range of your plants.

Max Level Unlocked – If you are an experienced player and have already played the game, then you would never appreciate playing it from the basic level. For such players, this mod permits them to play from the highest level of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Unlimited Plants – Before getting your plants unlocked, you must ensure that you have installed the appropriate version of the game with a complete variety of plants. By installing this mod, you need not worry about any of the plants because there are 49 species.

Steps to Download Plants vs Zombies 2 APK Latest Version

Downloading PvZ 2 Mod APK does not demand extreme knowledge of tech or gaming, rather a child can install it through the following steps:

  • Click on the given link
  • Wait a few seconds until our file is ready to download
  • After downloading click to install the game
  • Open and enjoy


To make a long story short, PvZ 2 Mod APK is a picture-perfect form of a tower defense game that holds amazing honorary awards. Besides, it has one of the greatest varieties of not only plants but also zombies. So, if you want to get entertained in multiple locations, then immediately join this gaming community of over 4 million users.


The only way to keep your plants heated is to keep them under the sunlight continuously, which is only possible if you have infinite sunlight. Therefore, ‘PvZ 2 Mod APK No Cooldown’ gives you this freedom by providing limitless sunlight.

There is no difference in the working of both the original and the modified variant of PvZ. Therefore, you can equally play it with or without an internet connection in different modes of this zombie-eliminating game.

Back in 2009, when the game was published, all the mini-games were free of cost in PvZ. Nevertheless, the times changed, policies changed, and as a result, now one has to pay a few bucks to get the package of mini-games.

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