How to Connect to LAN Minecraft

Minecraft is an engaging multiplayer game that allows players to enjoy it with their friends and other world players. You can enjoy this game both in online and offline mode. In terms of playing with friends from l local area, you need to join LAN.

The playing of Minecraft with your region’s friends is based on opening the LAN port from the host. Most players face issues in connecting to LAN Minecraft. Then point comes that how to connect to LAN minecraft perfectly without any error.

Enjoying the game with your closest friends makes your spare time memorable. And for this purpose, you need the active local area network connection. This article guides you on connecting to LAN Minecraft without any trouble.

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How to connect to LAN Minecraft

Minecraft is a famous game on the internet that consists of different modes, many resources, and endless fun elements. To get more leisure, the game developer added an online element. Now let’s move to the steps that guide your way of connecting with your local region friends by following the specific steps.

  1. Regarding playing with friends, you need to open your LAN.
  2. First of all, you need to select the host computer. The player requires two things to join the LAN: an IP address. The other is a port number, which is a five-digit code number.
  3. Then the player needs to open the minecraft game and select the single-player option.
  4. After this, players can play in an exciting world or create a new world to enjoy the game.
  5. Now the player needs to press the ESC key and click on the open to LAN.
  6. When you open the local area network, you need to choose the suitable modes for playing with friends. In the minecraft, different modes are added, each with individual style playing. The individual modes in the game are survival, creative and adventure modes.
  7. After selecting the suitable mode of playing with friends, the player now needs to click start LAN network. You get the message that your region game has been hosted as you click on it.
  8. No other local network player can easily join the game by selecting the multiplayer option. And then their computers identify the game automatically.

So these are steps that you can follow for connecting to the Local area network minecraft. So enjoy playing of famous Minecraft game with your local region friends by following the above steps. Minecraft is a game that you can enjoy in single and multiplayer modes.

Final Verdict

Playing games with friends is always a great source of leisure. You can acquire this enjoyment while opening your home LAN. Here we discussed how to connect LAN Minecraft without any issue. By following the steps and rules given in the topic, the player can connect to LAN to play the minecraft game. We hope you like and understand the topic.