[NEW] 65+ Best Good WiFi Names 2020 [Updated List]

Good WiFi Names

Having a Good WiFi Name is a must nowadays. People, these days like to set a good name for their wifi network. If you’re looking for the same thing, we’re here with all the good and best wifi names for 2020.

The basic purpose to use good wifi names for people to connect with your wifi router and to entertain and those who looking for free wifi connections.

You can give any name to wifi. But for the good and better names of wifi networks, you’re looking online. If you’ve wasted a lot of time thinking about the best name, here are the good wifi names for you.

While you’re using a wifi network, people around you start asking you for free internet. But if you set funny wifi names 2020, it would be shocking and interesting.


Good wifi names are something that can help you get some attention from your relatives and friends sooner or later. So why not use a good wifi name for your wireless network router?

I hope you are now convinced to use a good wifi name for your network router. So, without wasting any time, let me take you to the list of good wifi names. This list is updated with unique wifi names.

  • Airplane Mode
  • Are you John Dice?
  • Ask to Join Networks
  • Attwifi
  • Aunty is cheating you
  • Bill!Bill!Bill!Bill!Bill!
  • Blinksys-182
  • Bose DK Wi-Fi Thief
  • Click this
  • Connect and Die Ha Ha next time lock your router
  • Deep Thought
  • Don’t disturb this is my time.
  • Don’t Even
  • Don’t Miss Understand Me
  • FBI Surveillance Van 7
  • Free for Beggars
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  • Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
  • Go and have Sleep Baby!
  • hah suck on my secure connection
  • Here’s the Password Clue Read again
  • Hey You Kids, Get Off My LAN!
  • I love bananas, dirty mind.
  • International Terrorist Network
  • I’m Hilarious
  • Johnny-Johnny No WiFi!
  • LANDownUnder
  • Le le Bhikhari
  • Loading…
  • Mom, Click Here for Internet
  • My Wifi name starts with F
  • No Internet
  • No Signal, Try Later
  • No WiFi For You
  • No Wires, Still alive and working
  • Nope, not this one either
  • Only for Family N Friends
  • Only If You Help Me Pay For It
  • PlzBringVodkaToApt1310
  • Router? I Hardly Knew Her!
  • Sharing WiFi for Durex
  • Sorry, you can’t use this
  • Stop using our network, Steve
  • That 70’s Router
  • The Whore House is Busy Tonight
  • Trapped in router send help!
  • Use and Throw Not Allowed
  • we can hear you having sex
  • Why Fly Zone!
  • WiFi has become cheaper
  • WiFi King Martin Router
  • WiFi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
  • WiFight the inevitable
  • Wilkes Bluetooth
  • Will connect for beer
  • Y No You Get WiFI?
  • Ye old Internet Wireless GangBang
  • Yell “Doggy” to know password
  • You are my lovely princess!
  • You are such a gas hole!
  • you have been blocked
  • you lost your connection
  • Your bank account is hacked!
  • Your dog shit in my garden.
  • Your password is banned
  • Your Session has expired

I hope you like these good wifi names and choose one of these. Let us know your wifi name in the comment box below.