Easy FRP Bypass APK Download 2021 [100% Working App]

Easy FRP Bypass APK

Does your smartphone has locked and you even don’t know the password? A large number of android users encounter this issue. You do not need to be panic in this situation as Easy FRP Bypass APK has stepped as a solution in the android world.

We introduced this unique app to protect your device in case you lost it. Either you own Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, or more; Easy FRP bypass APK would be done its job.

Download Easy FRP Bypass APK

Easy FRP Bypass is one of the most used APK to bypass Google account verification. Below is the button to download the latest and working easy FRP bypass APK with a direct download link.

Easily Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection

We would explore two methods here to bypass Google FRP lock easily.

Method-1 FRP bypass with OTG

To follow this method, you need to have a PC, OTG cable, and a USB drive. After you arrange these elements, follow the below steps.

  • Download Easy FRP Bypass APK by clicking here.
  • After downloading this file copy it to the USB drive.
  • Let the phone start that has encounter FRP problem.
  • Fulfill the basic instruction from the setup wizard that gets open automatically.
  • Now, the FRP screen would be open to asking for login information of your Google account.
  • Join the smartphone with a USB pen drive with the help of an OTG cable.
  • Open the Easy FRP Bypass APK file from the file explorer.
  • You may encounter an installation problem at this step. It demands the need to allow “installation from unknown source” from the setting option.
  • Complete the installation and open the menu setting by clicking the respective button.
  • Choose the setup and reset option in the setting.
  • Click factory data reset and confirm it.

Congratulations! You have successfully fixed this issue. It is good to let your android phone restart and all is done.

Method-2 FRP bypass without OTG

In contrast to the first method, which demands OTG, this method needs a good internet connection in addition to the FRP bypass app.

  • Turn your respective smartphone on and check the appearing setup wizard.
  • Fulfill the appeared instructions that are needed to complete. Let the keyboard of android open and hit on the setting.
  • Hit the “menu” button followed by the “help and feedback” option.
  • Write your name or some other digits in the appeared area and hit the “share” button.
  • Hit the “messaging” icon and write some digits in the “To” section flowed by the selection on the contacts icon.
  • Now, hit on call icon followed by the selection of the “new call” option.
  • Let the dial pad appear and write *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Hit the “statistic” button and then select the “back” button.
  • Here is a need to go to the “Settings” option.
  • Hit the “Backup and reset” button on the appearing screen.
  • Choose the option of “Factory data reset” and let it confirm

You have bypassed the Google verification successfully with this method. You can choose any of these procedures according to your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bypass FRP is paid or free?

This application is free of cost and needs zero subscription charges. It has no hidden cost to use it.

For which devices FRP bypass APK used for other devices in addition to Samsung?

Easy FRP Bypass APK is not limited to Samsung devices. It can be used on other android brands with the same steps given above.

Is FRP Bypass APK safe to use?

This app is safe to use. You should not be confused about security while using it.

Does FRP APK installation need a high-end Android device?

Not at all, the FRP APK installation does not demand only high-end devices. This application is very light in weight. It is compatible with every type of device. Just, use this app to skip factory reset protection very easily.


Once you have done downloading, it is not difficult to bypass FRP with or without OTG. You just need to follow the above-mentioned rules to enjoy successful troubleshooting.

Multiple methods are available to fix this issue according to your brand and relevant model. We have told these rules according to Samsung galaxy, but you can apply the same steps to the other smartphones.

Use this procedure with confidence and let Google account verification unlocked.