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350+ Most Clever WiFi Names Collection 2019 {New}

All WiFi networks have their names. These names are also known as SSIDs, that are visible to your computer and allow you to see nearby networks that you might want to connect to. Since you know people will see them, there’s some extra pressure to choose a Clever Wifi Name for your network router! Your label needs may change based on your location or interests or who you think will be connected – your friends might probably appreciate a different set of names. The following is a list of Clever WiFi Names ideas. Hopefully, this list will inspire you and end up choosing something unique for yourself and your sense of humor.

Best Clever WiFi Names 2019

Being intelligent is a natural phenomenon for some and others are cultivated. Experiences learn a lot say! This is true. When you try to travel around the world, your worst and best adventure experiences will teach you a lot. But we are not here to be smart enough to roam around the world. We are here to be bright in our surroundings, our friends, and our other social groups. Obviously, WiFi is one of the easily recognizable spots so anyone knows how smart you are in setting up your WiFi name. This moment will give you praise for being smart enough to keep your WiFi name unique.

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Keeping Clever WiFi names means that it should be easily understood, it describes your thinking process and your thoughts that are manufactured or born to reach them.

Most Clever WiFi Names Puns

To make it easy for you, we compiled a list of 350+ most clever WiFi names, which are definitely in smart condition and ready to use. So let’s start!

  1. $1 per hour
  2. 1/7 of our lives are Mondays.
  3. 2 Girls, 1 Router
  4. 99 Problems But WiFi Ain’t One
  5. A LANnister Always Surfs The Net
  6. A Song Of Ice And Firewall
  8. Aha
  9. AllYourBandwidthAreBelongToMe
  10. AMA I am the Internet
  11. Amish Rebel
  12. And she called it a … Wi-Fi
  13. And they lived happily and often ever after.
  14. Area 51
  15. Avengers destructible Wi-Fi
  16. Bad Error 313: Disconnect
  17. Bang Bang!
  18. Because a LANnister Never Forgets
  19. Benjamin FrankLAN
  20. Best Wi-Fi range
  21. Best wifi lol
  22. Beware of dogs
  23. Bill Clinternet
  24. Bill Wi, The Science Fi
  25. Bongo Hotspot
  26. Buy a new smartphone?
  27. C:\Virus.exe
  28. Call me may be
  29. Call me to connect
  30. Check outside
  31. Cheeses Take the Wheel
  32. Child touches
  33. Christopher noLAN
  34. Clever Wifi is Clever
  35. Click and Die
  36. Click on Connect and Enter Password
  37. Click this
  38. Close your eyes and get out
  39. Close your wifi and see the magic
  40. Connect Here I have a magic
  41. Connection Failed
  42. Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
  43. CuckFomcast
  44. Cum in my house
  45. Dabb bro
  46. Daily Bread
  47. Danger zone
  48. DarkKnight
  49. DEA Surveillance #4188A87
  50. Dinchak pooja
  51. DontDroneMeBro
  52. Don’t Snoop
  53. Don’t You Wish Your Wifi Was Hot Like Me
  54. Dora The Internet Explorer
  55. Double Click to Connect
  56. Dunder MiffLAN
  57. Encrypted for Your Pleasure
  58. Everyday I’m Buffering
  59. EXE
  60. Fart on your face
  61. FBI Channel 90210
  62. FBI Surveillance Van #119871
  63. FBI Surveillance Van #594
  64. FBI Van 13
  65. Filtered water
  66. find nearby WiFi
  67. flamingbutthole
  68. For Porn Use Only
  69. For Whom the Belkin Tolls
  70. Fourth Floor Wifi
  71. Free for one day
  72. Free public wifi
  73. Free WiFi are awesome, I wish everybody had one.
  74. Free WiFi for everyone.
  75. Free wifi with password
  76. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  77. Get Off My LAN
  78. Get Your Own
  79. Getyourownwifi
  80. Girls Gone Wireless
  81. God gave us Internet
  82. Good Wi-Fi
  83. Google it for the password
  84. Guest Internet
  85. Hack me
  86. Hacker’s Wi-Fi
  88. Happy Wifi Happy Lifi
  89. Harm your device
  90. Here’s The Password Clue Read Again
  91. Hidden network
  92. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  93. Hilary Clinternet
  94. Hippopotato
  95. Hipsterpleasebuysomething
  96. Hogsmeade
  97. Honey Spot.
  98. I am a gay
  99. I am here
  100. I am not your assistant
  101. I am too fast to handle
  102. I am under your bed
  103. I am very slow
  104. I am watching you
  105. I am Wi-Fi Use me.
  106. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  107. I can hear u having s*x
  108. I can read your emails
  109. I feel naughty
  110. I have a bf
  111. I have a gf
  112. I Love it When IP
  113. I Love you my wifi
  114. I me myself and I
  115. I now pronounce u man and Wi-Fi
  116. I Pronounce You Man And WiFi
  117. I.want.a.IIama
  118. IanTernet
  119. iDroppin’
  120. If a person really wants to live, then only help is free Wi-Fi.
  121. If the music is too loud – most probably you’re too old.
  122. ilEAGLE Wi-Fi
  123. InterTubes
  124. InvalidID
  125. IP-UP
  126. IP_Freely
  127. It Connects when IP
  128. It Hurt when IP.
  129. It Hurts When IP
  130. It is an open Wi-Fi
  131. It never get easier, You just get stronger
  132. It’s a Small World Wifi Internet
  133. IveSeenYouNaked
  134. I’m Cheating on my Wi-Fi
  135. I’m In Your Closet
  136. I’m not a virgin
  137. I’m Watching You Now
  138. I’ve Seen You Naked
  139. JackPott
  140. Jamesgangnet
  141. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  142. John’s full name in CAPS, no space
  143. Justin Bieber trivia questions
  144. Keep it on the Download
  145. LAN Of Milk And Honey
  146. last night with u
  147. Le le Bhikhari
  148. Left Swipe for Password
  149. Let Me Out Of Your Router
  150. Let them use it
  151. Life is short. Have a bit of Free Wi-Fi …
  152. Life is short. Smile while you have free Wi-Fi.
  153. Live as someone has left an open gate for you.
  154. living is good. But I’d prefer to have the good Wi-Fi connection.
  155. Loading…
  156. London bakery
  157. lookmanowires
  158. Luke, I Am Your Wifi
  159. Making out with your Aunty
  160. Malware Repository
  161. Manmohan Singh Browser
  162. Martin Router King
  163. McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi
  164. Meat is murder
  165. Mi-Fi, not your-Fi
  166. Mom Click Here for Internet
  167. Mom – Click Here for the Internet
  168. More…
  169. Mr. Wi-Fi
  170. My data is not for sale
  171. My Neighbors Suck!
  172. My Wifi is my wifi none of your wifi
  173. Network error
  174. Network Not Found
  175. Never Gonna Give You Up
  176. New England Clam Router
  177. No Connections Available
  178. No Internet Access
  179. No more grinding at 3 am
  180. No Networks Available
  181. No Wi-Fi For You
  182. No Wi-Fi For Your Mom
  183. No Wi-Fi No Cry
  184. No Wires, Still alive and working
  185. Nope, not this one either
  186. Not a free Wi-Fi
  187. Nothing poisons life more than Free Wi-Fi.
  188. NSA Net Secure
  189. Occam’s Router
  190. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor
  191. One if by LAN…
  192. Only For Zombies
  193. Optimus Prime 1
  194. Oracle Test Server
  195. Other…
  196. Panic at the Cisco
  197. Password
  198. Password is here
  199. Pasword is Your name
  200. Pay your rent
  201. pennygetyourownwifi
  202. Pick up your dog shit
  203. Please Click For Identity Theft
  204. Please stop your barking dog
  205. Please use me
  206. Please Wait…
  207. Poonshangle
  208. Pretty Fly for a WiFi
  209. Prety fly for wifi
  210. Printer Only
  211. Pump it. ROUTER!
  212. Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  213. Reserved for Guests I Hate
  214. Rick Rolled
  215. Right Swipe for Internet
  216. RIP Net Neutrality
  217. Router, I Hardly Know Her
  218. Sachin-ka-fan
  219. Searching…
  220. Series of tubes
  221. Sheila’s Shack
  222. Shit here
  223. Shut up your dog
  224. Silence Of The LAN
  225. Skynet Global Defense Network
  226. Slow Internet Slow Fap
  227. Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons.
  228. Smell my socks
  229. Sorry, you can’t use this
  230. Stay Away from my Wi-Fi
  231. Stiffler’s Mom
  232. Stop polluting the environment.
  233. Stop using our internet.
  235. Suck On My Secure Connection
  236. Surveillance Van
  237. Sweet Adeline
  238. Talk less
  239. Tell My Wifi Love Her
  240. Thank you so much
  241. The Airplance Fart Bandit
  242. The Dark Knet
  243. The Internet
  244. The LAN Before Time
  245. The Next Door
  246. The NSA monitors this network
  247. The Promised LAN
  248. TheInternetIsAssur
  249. This is for your mom
  250. This is Lincoln’s Gift
  251. This LAN is your Lan. And this is my Lan.
  252. Titanic is Sinking
  253. Titanic Syncing
  254. To use, bring boozeJohn Wilkes Bluetooth
  255. Total Hear
  256. Trojan.exe
  257. Trojen Maker
  258. Troy And Abed In The Modem
  259. Two Girls One Router
  260. Umbrella Corporation
  261. Uncle_Touchys_Game_Room
  262. Undercover Police Car #751
  263. Unlockable WiFi
  264. Unprotected CeX
  265. UnProtected WiFi
  266. Untrusted Network
  267. Use this one mom
  268. Use This One Mom For
  269. Use this one mom.
  270. Use your phone number
  271. Value the Wi-Fi! It’s the substance that life is made of.
  272. Very Slow
  273. Very slow internet
  274. Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  275. Virus found
  276. Virus infected
  277. Virus infected WiFi
  278. Virus transmitting WiFi
  279. Virus WiFi
  280. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
  281. Vodka is answer to most question
  282. Warning! Malware signal
  283. Wash my underwear
  284. We Are Watching YouYe Olde Internet
  285. We love you
  286. We Use Sly22981 To Download Pron
  287. Who What When Where WiFi
  288. Whostolemyflamingos
  289. Why don’t you mind your own business
  290. Wi Believe I Can Fi
  291. Wi Believe When you can Fi
  292. Wi FI Fo Fum
  293. Wi FiLecia
  294. Wi of the Figer
  295. Wi-Fi Geeker
  296. Wi-Fi Password is *******
  297. Wi-Fight the Feeling
  298. Wi-Fight the inevitable?
  299. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  300. Wifi is a free internet source
  301. Wifi is a shit
  302. Wifi is for show off
  303. WiFi is in the air
  304. Wifi ka badsha
  305. WiFi Password is *******
  306. Wifi virus
  307. Will you be my WiFi?
  308. Will you marry me
  309. Win this free laptop
  310. Wireless gang
  311. Wireless GangBang
  312. Wireless Sparrow
  313. Witness Protection
  314. Work more
  315. Working hard don’t disturb
  316. Wu-Tang LAN
  317. Ye old Internet
  318. Yell “Doggy” To Know Password
  319. Yell “Eggroll” for password
  320. YerBabyIsReallyUgly
  321. You are my crush
  322. You are standing on a barren land
  323. You cannot Wi-Fi me
  324. You love me
  325. You Will Regret This
  326. Your device is cracked.
  327. Your Dog Shits In My Yard
  328. Your father is naughty
  329. Your Wifi Is Sleeping Over
  330. Your Wifi My Kids
  331. ”ByeBye”:D
  332. ”NoWiFi.”o_O
  333. ”Spider”:cool:
  334. ”YouAreDead”:eek:

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No doubt these WiFi names have attracted you if you are thinking of choosing it or not, and your friends may know that this idea behind your WiFi name was not your original idea but was taken from this site, do not worry! If you’re using it, we insist on spreading the word to your friends or colleagues if they’re also looking for a website that has some cool stuff about Clever WiFi names.

So what’s your favorite WiFi network name? Let us know in the comments section below!


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