Alight Motion Pro APK (No Watermark) v3.9.0 [Fully Unlocked]

Alright Motion Pro APK can adorn your videos with advanced motion effects and no watermark on them. You can use all the paid subscription features by using this single package pr apk. On top of that, this is the first play store application that includes motion graphics as a primary video-making tool.

Alight Motion Pro APK

An application that helps shape graphics, visual effects, and animations are Alight motion pro APK. This free app was designed by Alight Creative Inc. You know, a few years back customizing video was challenging. The same is true for you, right? Well, this difficult situation has been resolved in the modern era. With so many video editing packages to choose from, the possibilities are endless. I found the Alight motion mod apk to be the best so far.

Hold on! Do not underestimate this video editor. Alight motion pro APK is a must-have app for animation lovers. It delivers excellent results for the huge collection of your old and new videos. Its popularity stems from its convenience in capturing memories while capturing them. Now, give your imagination a proper visual concept. Game videos are also supported by this amazing app. Alight motion eliminates the need for any other animation tool after its installation.

Name Alight Motion Pro APK
Version 3.9.0
Size 89 MB
Developer Alight Creative


Features of Alight Motion Pro APK

Here are the top 5 features of the Alright Motion video editor, you must know before using this application.

1. Keyframe Animation

This application is mainly based on animation. You can use this feature to create videos with excellent animation tools. Add a professional touch to video and gaming projects with moving animated objects. In video-making, where motion is required, the animation feature is a valuable feature.

Objects can now be customized based on your preferences. It was easy for the object to be moved along the y-axis. In addition, the moving object appears brighter and more vibrant. Furthermore, you can combine the animation feature with keyframes and timelines.

2. Visual Effects

Video clips from old times have advanced levels of animation due to the presence of 1000s of visual effects. These all effects are highly instrumental for providing a real look. The view cannot be judged natural or artificial.
The beauty and brightness of your favorite videos can be accentuated with many effects, including rain, sunlight, smoke, candles, wind, and many others.

Those effects provide a stunning natural view. Additionally, to get a new look for your old videos, you need this great video animation app. Motion graphic videos can all be edited very easily with this app. These visual effects give a good impression to the viewer due to their fresh colors.

3. Vector Graphics

A graphic is a moving object that can move from one place to another. These shapes are animated according to the occasion using this app. Animation is one of the most important tools when it comes to making games.

In terms of making graphics in three dimensions, it offers the best platform. In this case, the x, y, and z-axis compose the three dimensions. In addition, a natural effect is produced when these axes move. With it, you can make amazing graphics on all devices. Using this app, you can make even complicated graphics easier.

4. Blending Mode

Video software usually includes blending tools, which merge layers and present them all on one screen. Amazingly, it specializes in transforming my old videos into a modern, new style.

Presets available in a huge number allow wonderful layer blending. A layer can be resized and shaped according to the need using this mode. With high proficiency, each layer adjusts to the other. This APK provides an incredibly beautiful and high-quality view. Multiple layers and different layers sizes enhance the professional appeal of this app.

5. Export Formats

Having finished your work, you can now share it with your family and friends. Additionally, a variety of formats are offered to inspire you. Do you have a special event coming up? GIF animation is the best way to send video. You can also share your work with your circle of friends through mp4 videos, PNG sequences, and XML Projects.

The good news is its compatibility with all types of iOS and Android devices. Plus, exporting features are also available for tablets. You can keep your friends engaged with your work with these exciting features. Therefore. Professionals may find this tool useful. In short, you can gain many benefits from it.

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Final Verdict

By using Alight Motion Pro APK you can add multiple layers in the animation videos and provides you the high-quality output without watermark. There are 2000+ inbuild fonts and you can also add your custom fonts. With Keyframe animation you can edit your video frame by frame with true colors and a great video appearance. This application has a lot of visual effects for your animation video. you can also create your own vector animations and save your videos with multiple file formats.